My new cleaning closet

So let me begin by telling you a little about my home. Simply, it needs a lot of work, from top to bottom, all of the exterior and landscaping. My husband and I purposely bought a fixer-upper that we could slowly renovate into our style and tastes (actually more like my style and taste) and design our forever home.

Well, when we first moved in we ripped out the old carpet on two floors, installed hardwood, changed out all the trim and replaced the doors and just late last year we renovated our family bathroom (will share that story in a later post) when I recently had the idea to dress up my soon to be cleaning closet.

Absolutely in love with my new cleaning closet. I smile ever time I open this door.

I’ve been purchasing Elfa closets from The Container Store for my home over the last few years. I wait for the annual sale and buy. I’ve installed Elfa units in our front entry closet, my guest bedroom closet and my son’s closet. I absolutely love them and how much I can maximize a small space. So back in February when I purchased my fourth closet system I had the bright idea to try something different this time around. I was inspired to wallpaper the inside and turn an ordinary space into a fun, purposeful cleaning closet and feel giddy and happy every time I open that door forever and ever.

Side profile of my cleaning closet. You can see a hook system installed on the right wall for brooms, mops, dust mops, etc.

The inspiration came from an old kitchen profile article from House Beautiful magazine where an interior designer tiled a pantry in a gorgeous emerald green that I thought ‘What a lovely surprise one would have every time they open this door!’ So I thought why not this closet? I really want to wallpaper my son’s bedroom and thought this would the perfect opportunity to practice, any mistakes and it’s literally behind a closed door. So my wallpapering adventure began and found this fun chevron print in navy.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on something that no one would really see out in the open and it’s also practice so shopping on Spoonflower was perfect for me.

The before picture. Just your basic closet, plain and boring.

The first thing I did was remove the rail and shelve, patched up holes and smoothed out parts of the drywall, prepping the space for painting. I used a primer and paint all in one in white and after that was done, I waited a few days for it to completely dry before wallpaper installation time. Lining up the pattern was not as bad as I thought it would be but the biggest issue I had was folding the paper into the corners which was tricky and took a lot of time to smooth creases out with my squeegee tool. As I went through each roll (I needed 4 for this project) and as it came together, it looked every bit as fresh and fun and special as I had envisioned it would be.

Instructions said to wait 3 hours for the wallpaper to dry before trimming off the excess paper but I waited till the next morning, I wanted to make sure it was completely dry before moving onto phase 3 – closet installation.  This is my fourth time installing one of their closet systems and it’s super easy to do.

The first thing I installed was a hook system on the right side of the wall to hang brooms, dust mops, dustpans, that sort of thing. Then up went the Elfa closet system.  One long shelve across the top and four smaller shelved evenly spaced out beneath.

As this project came together I’m happy that I went for it and designed a fun space and added some sparkle to an otherwise unchanging closet that most people don’t want to see. Opening this door instantly puts a smile on my face and I love this mini transformation. Its all about the small things! All that’s left to do is stock the shelves.

Let me know your thoughts below about my newly renovated cleaning closet and also tell me what unexpected space you decorated in your home.

Bye for now!


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