The Most Beautiful Beaded & Silk Thea Porter Couture Dress You Ever Did See

My favorite Shrimpton Couture posted this in her stories Saturday morning and I knew I couldn’t hesitate to share this beauty just listed in her shop. If you desire to own and wear museum exhibited couture, circa 1970’s true bohemian fashion then this Thea Porter Couture piece is for you. This dress is rare (as are all Thea Porter pieces because only very few were made) and very photographed, (as seen on Nicole Richie back in 2006) and truly special.

This dress is very small, sized as XS, and is priced at $2,800 USD, so quite affordable for couture depending on how you look at it. The dress is silk chiffon and has straps that tie around the neck, attached to a fitted sequined and beaded bodice with a flowing silk chiffon skirt with a beautiful purple velvet trim detail at the bottom of the hem to finish off the design.

The hem of this dress is longer in some parts through out and lined in tissue silk. It is not 100% perfect, there is some thinning to the fabric and some fading to the interior lining but all around it is very much wonderfully constructed and absolutely stunning. The question here is how delicate would you treat this dress if you owned it? Would you wear it with no care it the world and truly enjoy this piece of history as Thea Porter would have intended someone would? Or would you treat this as the rare beauty it is and enjoy it in the comfort of your home?

Let me know your thoughts of this rare and beautiful Thea Porter Couture piece in the comments below. Personally, I’m in love! This is most defiantly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own something is rare and special.


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