The Blazer Jacket

Now that it is officially fall and the temperature has dropped a significant 10 degrees, I’ve pulled out my beloved black velvet blazer.

I love this jacket and its rich texture is perfect for day and night time wear and I always feel so put together wearing it. The blazer is a must in every girl’s wardrobe ( it’s a top five outerwear essential that I wrote about here), and there’s a few fabric varieties that you might want to add when building up on a functional and purposeful wardrobe.

The Everyday Blazer

This is want I like to call the everyday blazer. Either slightly oversized or slightly tapered at the waist, this is the jacket to throw on to instantly posh up your outfit for the day. The fabric choice should be in mid-weight wool, linen or cotton with a lining. It’s an easy piece to throw over a pair of jeans, leather trousers or a casual dress and go. It is a softer look than that of a leather jacket or a wool coat and a easy transitioning piece for fall. This is what I call the everyday blazer, the perfect all around jacket for day or night.

The Velvet Blazer

I love velvet and it’s my favorite texture for autumn. I’ve already mentioned that I adore my black velvet blazer because it’s so plush and just brings my outfit into the fall season. I love a velvet blazer especially for evening when jewel tones look so rich and luxurious for night. A velvet blazer is chic and the perfect evening and holiday jacket of choice. Lady tip when wearing velvet; make sure to carry a lint roller in your handbag, velvet attracts such so don’t wear with fleece sweaters or materials that produce lint.

The Party Blazer

Sparkling threads, sequins, coat tails or satin, this is the blazer to pull out for a nighttime party, the perfect soiree jacket that I like to call ‘the party blazer’. Unlike cotton, wool, linen, or velvet that can be worn both day and night, threads like this is strictly worn in the evening. Satin, can be worn during the day depending on the occasion and how it’s paired but for everything else under ‘the party blazer’ umbrella, you wear in the evening only.

I’ve found so many beautiful jackets so check out my shopping list below. My personal favorites are the Thom Browne schoolgirl short blazer jacket with large metal button detail for daytime, the Dsquared2 sparkly black blazer for evening and the green breasted crepe Victoria Beckham for the countryside. I can picture all three paired with a leather pleated skirt or leather skinny leg pant to create an edgy outfit, or paired with a flowing dress for a feminine day or night time look.

Shop my Blazer Jacket Essential Edit

I hope you enjoyed this post about the les essentiels blazer jacket you should have in your wardrobe. Let me know below in the comments section, where yours is from and how you like to wear it?

Happy shopping ladies!


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