The Sneaker

Having a reliable sneaker in your closet is an absolute must when building on a functioning and versatile wardrobe. Having cool everyday sneakers, probably a few pairs in daily rotation, is such an easy way to blend style and comfort on the days you need to be comfortable. Now, I’m not talking about your big and bulky gym athletic shoes but rather cool, everyday sneakers made popular and brought to the forefront by urban and hip hop culture and has been a mainstream staple ever since.

I wear mine all the time, and I mean like all the time. I need mine to be slightly elevated and modern without looking too athletic but is easy to mix and match with causal jeans or a trouser pant and a simple blouse and jacket (see Victoria Beckham below for a style reference).

Love pairing sneakers with trousers.

I have slowing been growing my sneaker collection with one of my all time favorite brands, Onitsuka Tiger. I have a few of their styles (the New York & Tiger Corsair) but my absolute fave is the Mexico 66, one of their most iconic styles still going strong since the 60’s. I love it’s easy shape and their color combinations and I love how it’s slightly more elevated than a classic tennis sneaker. The Addidas three stripes Stan Smith is a classic as well and loved by many. This is what’s great about a sneaker is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look stylish. All the pairs I own I purchased for under $100 and have a few in rotation because I like to keep my kicks clean (or as clean as possible) and I rotate them often to change up my look.

The best footwear option when running errands during the day.

I love shopping for sneakers and I try to add a new pair every year to my closet. I like to rotate them and I get them professionally cleaned, especially my all white sneakers, regularly to help keep them looking their best.

The only rule I have for sneakers is that I don’t like or maybe want to pay more than $100 US for a pair. I truly feel there is no need for it. I understand the appeal for a luxury brand such as Chanel, Burberry or Louis Vuitton, but I just feel that the athelic brands such as Addidas, Superga, or even Converse is supercool and stylish and adds a personality to a high designer outfit and mix high/low fashion. One of my favorites, Victoria Beckham is a perfect example of high low mixing and she does it well with her Addidas Stan Smiths’.

I’ve found many cool pairs and not all meet my $100 threshold, I’ve included some cool Golden Goose sneakers for those you love the brand and want to stand out even more. While putting together this post, I may or my not have put a couple of pairs into my cart, in the name of research obviously 😉


I hope you enjoyed this post about the les essentiels sneaker you should have in your wardrobe. Let me know below in the comments section, what sneaker brand you love and how you like to wear them.

Happy shopping ladies!

The sneaker is best when traveling. Up the elegance factor with a crisp, white pair.

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