Ethical & Sustainable Designer Directory

This is a directory of companies doing their part in providing a product with as much minimal impact to the environment. Check back often because this list will always continue to grow and please comment below with designers that you believe should be added.


Baukjen: Social responsibility is at the forefront of this brand clothing brand.

Cloe Cassandro: An ethical beach and resort wear company that provides fair pay and ethical working conditions to all of their workers. Check out their story on

ELK: ELK The Label is a Australian sustainable family fun fashion company dedicated to transparency at every stage of the supply chain and production.

Emma Willis: They have been making tailored shirts for both men and women locally in their workshop in England for over 20 years. They use cotton sourced from Switzerland and produced in accordance with the Better Cotton Initiative.

Georgia Hardinge: The aim is to use fabrics that are only certified sustainable fabrics ( polyester crafted from recycled bottles for example) in all of their products.

Kordal Studio: Creating garments in an ethical manner, fair wages, using natural and organic materials, minimum material waste.

Palones: Minimum run quantities, produced in sustainable and ethical compliant factories; design garments to match previous seasons to minimize unnecessary material wastage.

Public Habit: They make only what they sell. They also work with factories that have high ethical standards and sharp a common vision of sustainability, transparency and innovation.

Sezane: They have both a sustainability program (Eco friendly materials, working with factories that are producing certified organic cotton) and a philanthropic program ( they give back every month to charities and programs).

Skim London: A sustainable leather company, they work toward supply chain transparency and a fair trade/ minimal waste ethos.


Outland Denim: A sustainable and socially conscious denim company. ‘Everything is carefully selected to minimize the impact on the environment and to mitigate the risk of exploitation in the supply chain level’. Check them out at


Shrimpton Couture: One of the best luxury vintage sellers in the world. The owner Cherie is a fountain of fashion history knowledge and shares her expertise to her customers. Check her website weekly to scoop out the best of the best in vintage fashion.


APT Atelier: Smart luxury, their philosophy to make smart choice for the sake of the work we live in. They work with tanners that reclaim hides to prevent waste and leather that does not contain toxic substances such as nickel and PCP.

Good News Sneakers: Their sneakers include recycled rubber soles, organic cotton uppers and a recycled eco-lite footbed.

Nicolas Kirkwood: A luxury brand focused on using environmentally conscious materials such as bio-degradable or chrome free leather and work with materials that are part of the Leather Working Group, an organization that focuses on reducing waste and water usage.

VEJA Footwear: They make environmentally friendly sneakers without chemicals or polluting processes and don’t advertise putting their money into greater economic resources. There are so many wonderful things about this company.


HEREU Handbags: This accessories company making handbags and shoes locally by artisans using environmentally conscious materials like organic cotton and materials/components sourced in Spain.


Azlee Jewelry: Designed by Baylee Ann Zwart and made in Los Angeles by master craftmans, all of her diamonds are vintage that don’t require any new mining.

Lilian von Trapp: Designing with upcycled gold and diamonds; and giving back 2% of earnings to the Earthbeat Foundation, an organization committed to providing education on the sustainable use of natural resources.


Room and Board: Modern furniture made in America. About 95% of all their stocked items are made in the USA by family owned businesses all across the country.